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Emergency Handling Situations

When events happen unexpectedly, you need good equipment to hand to manage your patient handling safely, securely and without injury to either the patient or staff.

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  • £2.94
    VAT Relief

    The Economy Straps help to reduce the risk of over-reaching and stretching. They are wonderfully simple, flat webbing straps that have a handle at each end and can be used to help supine transfers from bed/bed or bed/trolley etc.

  • £76.10
    VAT Relief

    This designated Lifting Sheet has been designed in conjunction with the Guidelines for Safer Handling in Resuscitation and is designed to be used after resuscitation and when a stretcher hoist is not available to move the patient from the floor and onto the bed/trolley.

  • £174.46
    VAT Relief

    A specially designed pack that contains the equipment to help manoeuvre a collapsed patient out of areas where you have to lift manually in line with the Guidelines for Safer Handling during Resuscitation in Healthcare Settings.

  • £8.64
    VAT Relief

    A washable flat slide sheet with handles using an ultra slippy material that allows the health professional to manouever the patient/client in a variety of ways effortlessly and with ease.

  • £954.60
    VAT Relief

    This Samarit lateral transfer board with it’s integral nylon cloth enables the care givers to gently and easily transfer a patient between two surfaces. Its strong design means it will easily bridge a gap of 150mm. The Nylon cloth is strong, robust, tear-resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and flame retardant. If frequent use is required, disposable...

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items