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XCcube® Covers

Covers for our unique, compact, lightweight, discreet and dignified system for transporting the deceased from ward to mortuary without needing to move the patient into another surface. Removes the need for the patient transfer, especially important wth bariatric patients, and helps operationally and in tight spaces.

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  • £196.80
    VAT Relief

    XCcube® covers are available in four sizes depending on the extent to which you need to open the frame and provide the total concealment element of the XCcube® system.

  • £2,916.00
    VAT Relief

    The XCcube® is the ultimate dignity in death product. It is a light weight frame that expands in seconds to cover a bed - including bariatric sizes, trolley, cradle or other surface supporting a deceased person. As well as providing dignity for the deceased during transportation, XCcube® also means that no patient transfer needs to be undertaken prior to...

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items