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When caring for someone at home we offer a wonderful selection of easy to use products that can make a real difference to managing - whether you need assistance or just need a little more help with some tasks.

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  • £30.00
    VAT Relief

    The Kneeler - Kneeling Pad will provide a a comfortable cushioning for those who spend a long time kneeling and/or find it painful to kneel on the floor.

  • £24.96
    VAT Relief

    Suitable for use on the floor or in bed, this Anti-Slip Foot Pad is designed as a safety aid that helps to prevent slipping. It can be used to stand on when sitting or rising from a chair, or it can be used with or without a glide and lock sheet to aid movement in bed. A helpful aid for more independent living, it is hard wearing and easy to clean.

  • £24.84
    VAT Relief

    This Anti-Slip Slide Sheet helps a person with rotating and repositioning when getting in and out of bed, whilst also helping to prevent any slippage off the bed. This Slide Sheet has an anti-slip panel, which reduces the risk of the person sliding forward. It is essential that the product is only used by people with good upper sitting balance.

  • £7.50
    VAT Relief

    The Bed Loops are a fantastic product to help a person into a safe sitting position on the edge of the bed and to assist with turning if required.

  • £110.76
    VAT Relief

    The car assist pack has been specifically designed to help a person get into and out of the car with greater ease and comfort. Containing everything you need in one handy carry bag.

  • £10.98
    VAT Relief

    A simple slide sheet to help swivel in and out of a car with ease.

  • £24.42
    VAT Relief

    A supportive belt for an adult to help transferring or walking. The ergonomically designed handles enable the care giver to hold the client/patient close without the need to grab clothes.

  • £249.24
    VAT Relief

    Easy Care is a soft quilted tubular system that lies on top of, or under the covers of a bed or trolley. It can be used where a person needs to be turned regularly and, thanks to a novel anti-slip panel inside the tube, can be used to sit someone up without the immediate tendency for them to slide back down.

  • £2.94
    VAT Relief

    The Economy Straps help to reduce the risk of over-reaching and stretching. They are wonderfully simple, flat webbing straps that have a handle at each end and can be used to help supine transfers from bed/bed or bed/trolley etc.

  • £45.06
    VAT Relief

    A complete dress assist pack available in 4 different sizes that enables one or two carers to dress someone fully in bed.

  • £75.00
    VAT Relief

    A cost effective sheet that allows easy transferring of a patient in high turnover areas such as Operating Theatres, Radiology, Maternity, Endoscopy and A&E. Able to cater for patients up to 65 stone (413kg) wet, or 67 stone (424kg) dry.

  • £30.00
    VAT Relief

    Designed as an aid to stand when rising from a vehicle, the Handy Bar is a very simple but strong and reliable aid to mobility. Made from forged steel, it simply fits into the door bracket on the cars door frame, where it will then remain for as long as it is needed.

  • £390.00
    VAT Relief

    A handy pack of patient specific flat slide sheets to reposition the patient or transfer when required. Sitting in a bag the J Pack consists of 2 Flat Sheets – one with handles and one without, differentiated by colour.

  • £36.54
    VAT Relief

    A handy pack of washable flat slide sheets to reposition the patient or transfer when required. Sitting in a bag the J Pack consists of 2 Flat Sheets – one with handles and one without, differentiated by colour.

  • £26.28
    VAT Relief

    An aid to help lift legs into and out of bed and/or cars, using the unique wipeclean base and the multicoloured handles to maintain a good posture. Can be used independently or with a carer.

  • £31.14
    VAT Relief

    A low-profile breathable non-slip product which prevents slipping down in a chair or wheelchair.

  • £112.50
    VAT Relief

    A patient specific/disposable flat slide sheet that allows the health professional to manoeuvre the patient/client in a variety of ways effortlessly and with ease. Up, down, side to side and depending on the size, turning.

  • £158.40
    VAT Relief

    The Handy Strap helps people sit forwards in beds and chairs and can also be used to support legs when swivelling in or out of bed.

  • £67.50
    VAT Relief

    Disposable roller glide or slide sheets are a simple and effective way to move a person lying on a bed or trolley either up, down, left, right or turn in either direction with a single easy to use piece of equipment.

  • £54.60
    VAT Relief

    Thinner than a bed sheet, this product fits over the mattress and does not impinge on any pressure reducing qualities the mattress may have. You can sit the client/patient up in bed without the risk of them slipping down, and it only becomes fully slippy when you introduce a Flat Sheet to perform the manuoevre that needs to be performed.

  • £45.54
    VAT Relief

    Create a safer environment during transfers and when you're getting in and out of your car with the Rota Cushion.

  • £74.76
    VAT Relief

    A box of 100 non-woven disposable covers to accompany the Rota Cushion allowing full coverage of the main product, reducing laundering, cross infection risks and increasing patient throughput.

  • £83.16
    VAT Relief

    The Rotary Leg Lifter has been designed to assist in supporting the lower limbs during functional transfers. This ingenious device consists of a rotary disc mounted beneath a padded cushion and a glide sheet.

  • £70.20
    VAT Relief

    This specially designed Curved Board is an incredibly strong and robust transfer board that has an impressive maximum user weight of 180 kgs (28 st) making it suitable for almost any user.

  • £954.60
    VAT Relief

    This Samarit lateral transfer board with it’s integral nylon cloth enables the care givers to gently and easily transfer a patient between two surfaces. Its strong design means it will easily bridge a gap of 150mm. The Nylon cloth is strong, robust, tear-resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and flame retardant. If frequent use is required, disposable...

  • £312.00
    VAT Relief

    A lightweight, unbreakable, shatter-proof HDPE board which allows staff to perform lateral transfers easily and effortlessly. The front has a high glide surface whilst the back benefits from safety strips. They are X-ray oermeable and acid resistant.

  • £9.54
    VAT Relief

    The Simple Webbing Belt is an economy handling belt that enables the carer to quickly gain and maintain a safe grip without grabbing at the patients clothing.

  • £63.60
    VAT Relief

    A handling device that sits in a wheelchair post hoisting to reposition a client/patient into the correct seating position after hoisting. Using flaps to adjust pelvic tilt and the doubled over sheet to move the client/patient further into the back of the wheelchair this product is extremely useful to staff and patients alike.

  • £124.62
    VAT Relief

    This Sitting Transfer Board is perfect for bed to Wheelchair, chair to wheelchair, wheelchair to bed transfers for those who are independent but need a little assistance. By its very design it fits round wheelchair wheels (often a problem with other models). Its lightweight construction ensures that it is easy to use, spanning gaps enabling the service...

  • £15.54
    VAT Relief

    The washable transfer board slide is a simple low-cost device that allows for a sitting transfer on a board without risk of shearing induced tissue damage.

Showing 1 - 30 of 63 items