25 x Disposable X-Ray Plate Insertion Tube

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A patient specific holder to aid the X-Ray Plate holder seamlessly into position during mobile X-Rays, especially in Intensive and Critical Care Units.

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Struggling to put an X-Ray cassette/digital imager paddle behind/under patients when taking mobile X-Rays?

This really simple but effective system will make a real difference. No longer will you have to log roll or sit patients forwards or disturb them in any way. Now the whole procedure is simple and requires 2, not 3, members of staff.

* Sizes to suit both cassettes and the newer Digital Detectors.

Comprising of a Quilted Cassette Holder, Double Slippy Insertion Tube and a pair of Deluxe Extension Straps, this system will change the way you work. Just watch the video to see how it can be used.

Patient Specific X-Ray Plate Insertion System also available.


  • Taking mobile X-Rays without having to move the patient in any way. 2 members of staff, 1 of whom is the radiographer

Used by:

  • Radiographers
  • Critical Care Staff
  • Paediatric Nurses