Paediatric SmartMover

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A handling device that sits in a wheelchair post hoisting to reposition a child into the correct seating position after hoisting. Using flaps to adjust pelvic tilt and the doubled over sheet to move the child further into the back of the wheelchair.

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Do you hoist children and young people into their wheelchairs and find it difficult to reposition them so that they are sitting properly?

This really simple but effective product will make a real difference. With this, you don't have to struggle. Now, positioning in the back of the chair and getting the right pelvic tilt is easy. Just watch the video to see how.

Predominantly designed to help single carers struggling on their own, the Junior SmartMover is also really handy whenever you need to get that final sitting position correct and comfortable - at home, at school, out shopping. Easy to remove without compromising sitting position.


  • Correct sitting position in wheelchairs
  • One Carer (or two in certain circumstances)

Used by:

  • People at Home
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Social Services
  • Community Nursing
  • Children's Services