Samarit Curved Board

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This specially designed Curved Board is an incredibly strong and robust transfer board that has an impressive maximum user weight of 200 kgs (31 st) making it suitable for almost any user.

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Originally designed in conjunction with therapists, tens of thousands of these boards have been sold over the years and it is easy to see why.

With it's lightweight construction, ease of handling and comfortable hold, it is so easy to use and spans the gap between two surfaces very easily, enabling trouble-free transfers for people (assisted or unassisted).

Not ideal for the very large patient, it nonetheless offers a working load limit of 130kg (20 stone) and is small, compact and easy to wipe clean.

Judge for yourself. Watch this board in action by pressing the 'view demo' button and see for yourself whether this board will fit your requirements.


  • To bridge a gap between two sitting surfaces, e.g. bed to chair, chair to commode, wheelchair to car, and allow a person (assisted or unassisted) to transfer between the two

Used by:

  • All areas of healthcare where sitting transfers are frequent or probable
  • Emergency Services
  • General Wards
  • Social Services
  • Care at Home
  • Community Nursing
  • Car Transport
  • Children's Nursing
  • Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists