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A lightweight, unbreakable, shatter-proof HDPE board which allows staff to perform lateral transfers easily and effortlessly. The front has a high glide surface whilst the back benefits from safety strips. They are X-ray permeable and acid resistant.

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This highly superb transfer board has a high slip surface, making lateral transfers easier PLUS it is so flexible that it assists insitting transfers as well - ideal where patients are unable to lie flat e.g. with breathing difficulties etc.


  • Highly Flexible - Designed to curve around the seats of vehicles
  • Extremely Robust - Testing in Europe under tank tracks & unbroken
  • Anti-Shatter - HDPE materials
  • Lightweight - Lighter than your current models
  • 3M Anti-Slip Strips - On underside which are the best available
  • Infection Control - Can be cleaned with with any cleaning agents
  • High Slip Surface - For easier patient transfers
  • Non Toxic - No poisonous fumes in the event of a fire
  • Scratch & Mark Resistant - Non brittle, no chipping = patient safety
  • Same Size - Keeping current practices the same
  • Added Slots - Less weight, easily portable, and simple to store
  • Easy Storage - Lightweight, slots, thin, increases flexibility
  • Sitting Transfers - Bends around the contours of the patient


  • To bridge a gap between two lying surfaces and transfer a patient across from one to the other

Used by:

  • All areas of healthcare where lateral transfers are frequent or probable
  • Emergency Services
  • Hospices
  • Nursing/Care Homes