Washable Deluxe Handling Belts

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A supportive belt for an adult to help transferring or walking. The ergonomically designed handles enable the care giver to hold the client/patient close without the need to grab clothes.

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  • Child
  • Small Child
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large
  • Universal

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Ranging from Small to Extra Large (from children to adult sizes) this wonderful range of comfortable and supportive belts means that getting close to your patient has never been easier.

Simply place the belt around the person's waist, adjust to fit and then buckle. Ergonomically designed handles mean that you can hold close without needing to grab clothes. This belt is also washable.

Size Chart:

  • Child = 23-71 inches/59cm-71cm - Yellow
  • Small = 28-36 inches/73cm-91cm - Blue
  • Medium = 34-41 inches/88cm-104cm - Green
  • Large = 41-46 inches/104cm-117cm - Red
  • X-Large = 53-60 inches/134cm-152cm - Blue
  • Universal = 27.5-50 inches/70cm-127cm - Orange


  • Helping a person from sitting to standing and vice versa
  • Walking
  • Helping whilst transferring on a sitting transfer board
  • One or two carer assistance

NB: Not to be used for lifting. Upper sitting balance required.