Flexicare 8 Base Panel 90cm x 200cm

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Designed to fit over a standard /dynamic mattress of 90cm wide this base panel is attached by 4 elastic corner straps.

The designed of the base sheet includes an integral locking panal which, when activated under the Flexicare8 Top Sheet can prevent the patient moving once the desired position has been achieved.

To increase safety, the edges of this base sheet are non slip . 

All washable to 80 degrees. 

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  • For single beds
  • Base panel 90cm wide x 200cm long 
  • Works with Top panel to enable up/down manoeuvres, turning, swivelling, sitting up safely, transferring, turning into prone position
  • Integral locking panels means safe position can be secured, even in sitting
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for single carers
  • Washable 40 degrees to 80 degrees. Low temperature tumble dry
  • Spare panels available
  • SWL 31 Stone/200KG



  • System offers patients comfort and dignity
  • Patients can remain on this indefinitely, either directly or under a cotton bed sheets
  • Carers can reposition and manoeuvre patients without the need to disturb or handle directly
  • Reduces risk of injury to carers
  • Enhances patient care and clinical outcomes