Soap Sponges - Easy Bed Wash - Pack of 40

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Soap Sponges are light hand sized sponges that are preloaded with PH neutral soap so that each one will give a full body wash to the average person using only a tablespoon of water! No more.

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The sponges could not be easier to use:

  • Simply remove the sponge from the packet
  • Add a small amount of water and lather up like you would a flannel with soap
  • Once finished with, simply dispose of in a bin

More effective than wet wipes and flannels, the Wet Wash n' Wipe sponges are superb for use in all care environments. These unique sponges are pre-loaded with a gentle hypoallergenic soap which only requires a small amount of water to activate into a cleansing foam. The sponges come in 2 different types - soft and fiber. The soft sponge type are excellent for bed baths and the fiber sponge types are brilliant for wound care due to their slightly rougher texture.

The sponges are fully disposable therefore helping to prevent cross contamination and the spread of infection.