Washable GUS (Brechin Slide) Gynaey and Urology Slide

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A simple and unique product that allows easy repositioning of the patient in surgery in the lithotomy position and head-down procedures.

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Do you work in Gynaecology?

If the answer is Yes, GUS is your answer:

  • Slides patient into precise position with fine adjustments achievable
  • Locks patient position due to unique and intergral locking panels
  • Safe to tip head down to 20 degrees
  • Adjustment of position possible mid-surgery
  • Post surgery - slides patient back up table (if required)
  • Disposable covers available for each patient

Just place the GUS under the patient, slide them into position, lock the product and tilt. After surgery, when you need to slide the patient back, just reverse the process. Also for use in Recovery.


  • Repositioning of people for surgery e.g. laparoscopic surgery, on a tilt

Use with:

  • Non-woven disposable covers, available in boxes of 50

Used by:

  • Main Theatres
  • Day Surgery Units