Opthalmic Glide and Lock Covers

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A box of 50 non-woven disposable covers to accompany the Washable Opthalmic Glide and Lock allowing full coverage of the main product, reducing laundering and increasing patient throughput.

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If you are looking to save money and also need help with infection control in Ophthalmic department, our Ophthalmic Glide and Lock can help you.

With high turnover departments such as eye surgery, you don't need to have an Ophthalmic Glide & Lock for every patient. Simply purchase boxes of disposable covers and just velcro a new one onto the product for each new patient.

Strong, robust and waterproof, they prevent any fluids penetrating through to the product itself and, once surgery and recovery is complete, they can be peeled off and disposed of.


  • Re-positioning of people for eye surgery
  • Also suitable for recovery after surgery

Use with:

  • Ophthalmic Glide & Lock

Used by:

  • Eye Theatres
  • Day Surgery Units