Large Samarit Transglide

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A lightweight, unbreakable, shatter-proof HDPE board which allows staff to perform lateral transfers easily and effortlessly. The front has a high glide surface whilst the back benefits from safety strips. They are X-ray oermeable and acid resistant.

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Another winner from SAMARIT, this large Transglide is perfect for all your lateral transfers and staff really like this interestingly-shaped lateral board with its smooth surface, easy lines and lightweight (only 3.5kg) structure. Lateral transfers are now easy with this unbreakable, shatter proof HDPE board that is easy to clean, non-toxic, anti-static, radiolucent and acid-resistant.

With an overall size of 1700mm it is longer than a Patslide and also slightly wider (650mm), it's interesting shape means that it fits around a person much better than a conventional Patslide. It is alos lower profile meaning that it is easier to put under a patient and remove.


  • To bridge a gap between two lying surfaces and transfer a patient across from one to the other

Used by:

  • All areas of healthcare where lateral transfers are frequent or probable, from Emergency Services through to Hospices and Nursing/Care Homes