10 x Disposable X-Ray Plate Holder with Handles

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A Patient Specific product that holds an X-Ray Plate to reduce the handling risks associated in taking mobile X-Rays, especially in Intensive and Critical Care Units.

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  • 40cm x 50cm
  • 50cm x 60cm
  • x 10

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Quilted to provide extra comfort, these Patient Specific Holders have handles on each of the shorter sides to help staff re-adjust the positioning of the plate. These handles can also be used to attach straps for ease of insertion, especially with heavier patients. Choose from Economy straps or Wipeclean straps.

* Available in two sizes to suit standard cassettes and the newer larger Digital Detectors.

Designed to encase the X-Ray cassette, or Digital Detector, these double slippy holders enable easy insertion behind/under the patient (provided it is used in conjunction with the Insertion Tube) - removing the need to lift or disturb the patient in anyway.

Available in washable or patient specific models.


  • Taking mobile X-Rays without having to move the patient in any way
  • Two members of staff needed, one of whom is the radiographer

Used with:

  • Double Slippy Insertion Tube/your own slide sheets

Used by:

  • Radiographers
  • Critical Care Staff
  • Paediatric Nurses