Simple Webbing Belt

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The Simple Webbing Belt is an economy handling belt that enables the carer to quickly gain and maintain a safe grip without grabbing at the patients clothing.

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A fantastic and inexpensive product, this simple little belt is perfect for anyone that might occasionally need to offer a little more than just an arm for support.

Rolled up small and kept in a glove compartment or a pocket, when you need to use it simply place the strap around the person's waist and tighten gently to fit. To gain a grip just hold around the webbing.

Just watch the short video to see how the belt can be used.


Gaining a quick and easy hold on a person in your care.

Used by:

  • Anywhere you may need to offer someone a little more physical support without holding clothes. Especially useful getting in and out of cars (please see Car Assist Pack)


  • Not to be used for lifting
  • Not suitable for the frail
  • Upper body strength is necessary on behalf of the person being helped