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Established in 1996, we have manufactured in the UK for over
25 years, supporting our healthcare customers globally

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Safe Patient Handling is the skill of manoeuvring patients safely for all concerned, whether they be healthcare professionals or the patient/client. For 25 years, Hospital Direct has been at the forefront of Patient Handling Solutions, developing one of the largest self-manufactured ranges of Moving and Handling Aids in the world. Supplying this range across multiple countries around the globe, Hospital Direct maintains a close knit, family value approach to the way they relate and conduct business with all the people who use their products.

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Whether patient handling is your profession, you are a carer or simply someone who wants to maintain your own independence with a bit more ease; excellence
in patient handling is at the very heart of the passion that drives Hospital Direct to give you what you need. Focused on quality manufacturing from the United Kingdom, our manual moving and handling range, from operating theatres to care in the home, has been developed with your needs in mind.

Supplying the NHS and Private Hospitals, Community Organisations, UK and International Healthcare Professionals, and the Public, this is why Hospital Direct
is recognised as the “Experts in Patient Handling Solutions”.

Featured Products

£254.25 with VAT relief
£305.10 inc. VAT (Retail Price)

Hospital Direct’s Flexicare 4-Way Slide Sheet Pack ensures that healthcare professionals have both pieces of equipment required for safe in-bed care management.

£98.39 with VAT relief
£118.07 inc. VAT (Retail Price)

This 100% cotton Flexicare 4-Way slide sheet system is perfect for patients who require 24-hour in-bed care and support.

£31.11 with VAT relief
£37.33 inc. VAT (Retail Price)

The infection prevention control Torch is an essential infection prevention product that allows infection teams to instantly identify microscopic bacteria on any surface.

£12.82 with VAT relief
£15.38 inc. VAT (Retail Price)

The TECHNE-CARE in bed system uses light weight, highly advanced textiles, to provide a comfortable lying surface for patients whilst also allowing carers to easily re-position the people needing in-bed care.

£50.00 with VAT relief
£60.00 inc. VAT (Retail Price)

The Satin SIBA 4 way top draw sheet maximises comfort for patients who need assistance when turning in bed.

£56.10 with VAT relief
£67.32 inc. VAT (Retail Price)

These 2 way satin sheets with elasticated straps and sliding panels allow patients to comfortably reposition themselves in bed.

£31.96 with VAT relief
£38.35 inc. VAT (Retail Price)

This one-way Glide and Lock system allows users to position themselves comfortably in chairs with minimal support from carers.

£5.75 with VAT relief
£6.90 inc. VAT (Retail Price)

Re-position your patients safely and easily with Hospital Direct’s superb Tubular Roller Slide Sheet.

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