At Hospital Direct we understand that it is sometimes difficult to assess a product simply from a website. That is why we offer a free sample service for those healthcare professionals looking to introduce one of our products into their organisation. If you are a healthcare professional or a Buyer working in a Hospital, the Community, a Hospice, a Care Home or a medical supplies organisation and would like to assess a product for suitability then please get in touch with us using the form provided.

Request a Sample

People request samples for numerous reasons

ASSESS suitability and performance

Many of our customers like to test to make sure our products meet the requirements of their clients and that they are suitable for the purpose intended.

Assess for Price


Rest assured our products are excellent value and quality. However, this is something our customers assess through sampling.

assess size


Our products are made in many different sizes. All of which are outlined in the description and technical information. However we understand that sometimes this must be tested physically.

Please note that when our standard sizing is not quite the best fit, we do offer our bespoke service

Bespoke Options

Sadly we cannot offer free samples for individuals who need to assess a product for their own use. However, if a product is not suitable then you can easily return it to us (provided it is in excellent condition and has not been damaged in anyway) for a full refund.

Please note: all sample requests are sent at our discretion.

All we ask in exchange for your free trial is your comments and feedback via the evaluation form that we send with the product. This is invaluable to us. It has helped us improve products over the years and grow both our company and reputation. Customer satisfaction is paramount and our business has been built on it.

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