A New Unique System For Proning Patients More Safely In Operating Theatres

The Proturn® was developed to replace the hazardous manual system of Flip & Catch, common in many operating theatres that leaves patients and staff at risk of injury. Designed to enhance safety, the Proturn® will turn patients into and out of the prone position safely and efficiently, protect the arm in the manoeuvre, eliminate static positioning and remove the dangerous reaching, stretching and catching.

This results in less staff being required. Removes the risk of musculoskeletal injury and any risk of patient nerve or tissue damage due to poor handling. Positionally accurate, easy to use and safe for all. Choose Proturn® for all your prone positioning.

The professional way
to turn your patients prone

Proven Safety

Safer for staff, safer for patients and extremely comfortable as well.


Accurate prone positions are
much easier to achieve using
the Proturn® rather than older
outdated techniques.


Reduces nerve and tissue damage for patients


The proturn® is suitable for patients up to 178kg or 28 stone with stable spines


Achieve safe and accurate positioning on any support surface. – Montreal mattress, Wilson Frames, Bow Frame Attachements, Pillows and D Rings. Allows correct spinal alignment with unrestricted airways with ease.


Dangerous practices such as “FlIp and Catch” Reduces risk of musculoskeletal injury to staff

“This has been a godsend, I’m so glad we are able to use it”

Plymouth Hospital

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The professional way to turn
your patients prone

The System


The Proturn® is suitable for all patients up to 178kg excluding unstable spines.

It is suitable for use in Orthopaedic, Spinal and Neuro procedures where the patient needs to be operated on in the prone position.

This can include:

  • Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty.
  • Spinal laminectomy/spinal decompression.
  • Discectomy.
  • Foraminotomy.
  • Nucleoplasty, also called plasma disk decompression.
  • Spinal fusion.
  • Artificial disk replacement.
  • Pilonidal sinus.
  • Nephrolithotomy.

Surgical Pack

Proturn® Sheet

Each Proturn® Surgical pack includes one Patient Specific sheet which the patient lies on in order to be turned from supine on one surface to prone on the other. Re-use also post operatively for Recovery and then dispose of

Proturn® Slide

Each Proturn® Surgical Pack includes a pair of patient specific Proturn® slides which cover the prone surface and allow staff to achieve precise positioning for the surgeon.
Reuse also for post operative repositioning in Recovery and then dispose of.

in Boxes of 10 & 20

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Washable and Disposable Components

Patient specific or launderable

Will support patients in a controlled turn from supine to prone and back again. An integral pocket houses a designated pad which ensures the patient’s arm and lines are always protected.
Supports up to 178KG.

Patient specific or launderable

These two split slide sheets fit over the support surface you are using and allow you to manoeuvre the patient with ease and precision on that surface to achieve perfect positioning for surgery. Remove once position achieved.


These extension straps facilitate turning pre and post-operatively, removing the need for staff to reach and stretch. Strong, robust they will last for years.


With a lifespan of years this strong, robust mat lies under the spinal surface (Montreal Mattress, Wilson Frame, D Rings, Pillows etc). Wipeclean, it secures the Proturn® Slides prior to surgery and facilitates return to the recovery surface post-surgery.


These pads bridge the gap between the operating table and bed or trolley and protect patient arms and attached lines. Strong and robust, they will last for years.

The Washable
ProTurn® Sheet

Manufactured from a strong and robust cotton fabric our washable Proturn® sheets are designed to be one-size for all patients up to 178kg. Washable to 74 degrees for 20 washes they have a row of strong handles stitched along one side to which the long Proturn® straps attach in order to turn the patient. An integral pocket on the other side will take one of our Wipeclean Proturn® pads which help to protect arms and lines and prevent entrapment. Use again post operatively and then send to laundry.

The Disposable
ProTurn® Sheet

Manufactured from a quilted non-woven fabric our patient specific Proturn® sheets are soft and comfortable for your patients and suitable for all up to 178kg.

There is an integral pocket for a Proturn® Pad on one side to protect lines and tubes in the roll and strong webbing handles along the opposite side which are used to attach the long straps to help in the patient turn.

Suitable for one patient only, they can be used again post operatively in Recovery and are then disposed of

£136.82 inc. VAT VAT Relief

Hospital Direct’s ProTurn® Sheets make prone positioning easy for caregivers who turn and transfer patients.

£27.60 inc. VAT VAT Relief

Hospital Direct’s ProTurn® Slide Sheets make proning comfortable and easy for both caregivers and patients.

£1306.78 inc. VAT VAT Relief

Turning patients from supine to prone positions is easier than ever with the new ProTurn® system.

£294.11 inc. VAT VAT Relief

The ProTurn® Surgical Pack allows health professionals to turn and transfer patients for supine to prone procedures with ease.

£64.57 inc. VAT VAT Relief

Hospital Direct’s ProTurn® Wipeclean Consumables provide caregivers with everything they need to achieve safe prone positioning.

“Witnessed the product being on a live patient and could immediately see the benefits of the Proturn® system.”

Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

“Now I have experienced using the ProTurn® in Operating Theatre conditions I had no back strain whatsoever. I will now be able to help turn patients prone without damaging my back.”

Auxiliary Nurse
Musgrove Park Hospital


“This is a no-brainer”

Musgrove Park Hospital


“What impressed me about the product was the safer handling of the patient; the turn was far more controlled.”

Ipswitch Nuffield