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Hospital Direct’s FlexiSlide® Single-Use Non-Woven Patient Transfer Sheet enables seamless lateral transfers for as little as £2.00 a person.

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Our new Eezi-Transfer™ Bridging Boards are perfect for those wanting to transfer between two surfaces, using these to bridge the gap.

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Our new Eezi-TransferCurved Sitting Transfer Board has an incredible safe working load of 260kg and is perfect for sliding between two surfaces

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Our new Eezi-Transfer™ Lateral Transfer Board is perfect for any healthcare environment where a patient requires a safe sliding transfer from one laying surface to another.

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Widely referred to as “sling fitting boards”, the Eezi-Transfer™ oval boards have a wide range of uses that go way beyond what their name suggests.

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Hospital Direct’s Transatlantic mini non-folding rollboard is the ideal patient transfer board for lithotomy operations

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Disposable Covers / Infection Prevention Control The Transatlantic Organiser – The only rollboard holder and disposable cover dispenser; used to hold a transfer board and allow the disposable covers to be directly pulled onto the Rollboard, all off the ground for improved infection control. The Transatlantic Organiser holds one 100 unit roll of Rollboard disposable […]

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Disposable Covers / Infection Prevention Control Helping to minimise the spread of infection in medical settings. Transatlantic Rollboard Disposable Covers are compatible with our Transatlantic Rollboard. Using a fresh cover for every patient transfer significantly reduces any risk of an infection from blood, dirt or fluids being transmitted on to the next users as a […]

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The Transatlantic curved board is a tool that helps people move from one seated position to another while remaining seated.

£1504.33 inc. VAT VAT Relief

The Transatlantic Silverboard Folding Rollboard makes it easy for health professionals to transfer a patient between two lying surfaces.

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This Transfer Board Slide makes moving between beds, chairs and cars easy for those who have reduced mobility.

Transfer Boards – Moving From One Surface To Another

Hospital Direct have a range of transfer boards suitable for every user. Transferring from surface to surface is a challenge for many, but it is our hope that our range of transfer boards will support you in this daily necessity. These devices help both carers and individuals alike and come in 3 different varieties: Sitting boards, Lateral Boards, and Rollboards.

All variations are a great help in their respective environments when there is a need to move an individual between two separate surfaces. For example, sitting transfer boards help when an individual who has enough upper body strength requires a little extra support as they slide from their wheelchair into a car or visa versa. Other example of relevant surfaces includes beds to wheelchairs, wheelchairs to toilets, cars, seats, etc.

Additionally, we also have a vast range of lateral transfer devices for healthcare professionals who need to move patients between two separate lateral surfaces such as beds/trolleys. Our most popular items are the world renowned Samarit Sitting Curved Board, Samarit PatSlide, and Samarit Rollboards. Simply view the full range above.

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The Satin SIBA™ 4 way top draw sheet with Locking Loops maximises the security and comfort of a patient without needing to tuck the sheet directly under clients bottom.

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These deluxe Bed Positioning Wedges are essential tools to prevent pressure sores, ensure in-bed safety, and increase patient comfort in bed.

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The infection prevention control Torch is an essential infection prevention product that allows infection teams to instantly identify microscopic bacteria on any surface.

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The TECHNE-CARE™ in bed system uses light weight, highly advanced textiles, to provide a comfortable lying surface for patients whilst also allowing carers to easily re-position the people needing in-bed care.

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The Satin SIBA™ 4 way top draw sheet maximises comfort for patients who need assistance when turning in bed.

£108.82 inc. VAT VAT Relief

These Satin SIBA™ 2 way base sheets allow users to comfortably reposition themselves in bed without slipping.

£139.70 inc. VAT VAT Relief

This Satin Sheet In-Bed System guarantees patient comfort and easy repositioning in bed.

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This one-way Glide and Lock system allows users to position themselves comfortably in chairs with minimal support from carers.

£90.71 inc. VAT VAT Relief

This Positioning Wedge provides essential support to keep patients safe and comfortable in bed.

£7.69 inc. VAT VAT Relief

Re-position your patients safely and easily with Hospital Direct’s superb Tubular Roller Slide Sheet.

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Getting dressed in bed has never been easier –  the Fishermen’s Legs enable dignified dressing for patients who need carer assistance.

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Use these disposable slide sheets to slide and rotate patients in beds/trolleys or turn patients safely from one surface to another.

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