The New offers profound advantages in fast infection control in any healthcare environment from Operating Theatres, ICU, Radiology, Elderly Care Units, Mortuaries and Pathology to Ambulances, Care Homes and GP Practices, plus other communal room such as toilets, offices, restaurants and chapels.


torch is suitable for ALL establishments who are looking to control contamination and monitor, going forwards, any risk of contamination and the standard of cleaning.

  • Hospitals – Operating Theatres, Mortuary and Pathology Labs, ICU, Radiology, Elderly Care – any medical facility
  • Ambulance or Paramedic
  • Patient Care Homes
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Primary Care and GP Practices
  • High Street

The torch gives your personnel the ability to see what can’t be seen with the naked eye – biological traces along which viruses can travel, problem areas, lack of cleaning, poor cleaning and difficult to clean areas and then to be able to set up new regimes to clean those areas thoroughly AND be able to check afterwards.

RESULT: The raising of cleaning standards helping to make the environment -whether medical, public, industrial or scientific – much safer for all – preventing contamination occurring and building and raising standards throughout.



The Infection Prevention Control Torch Pack gives you everything you will need to locate and manage incidences of biological traces in your organisation – the torch itself, a pair of goggles to help you see what the torch is showing you, a set of rechargeable batteries, a battery charger and a camera lens filter – all neatly located in a presentation case.

Really easy to use. No special training. Very simple instructions in a small manual. You’ll be up and using it in minutes.

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Suggestions for Use


The torch is making a difference to Mortuaries in the maintaining cleanliness of instruments and all surfaces where potential infections could be lurking. An added benefit is in Post Mortems where it can play a vital role during a post-mortem to identify internal bruising / marking under the skin of a deceased patient which wouldn’t be visible to the naked eye.

This can dramatically reduce surgical intervention during this process.



Enabling staff to see what the naked eye cannot, Operating Theatres can use the torch to monitor cleaning from deep cleaning incidences to everyday cleaning of theatres, anaesthetic rooms, surfaces, equipment and instruments.

It can identify problematic areas that need special attention, either regularly or after an infectious patient, and can even locate minute particles that could be harmful during surgery.

Theatres can be mapped on a grid system to establish a control view of the room and then use the torch to investigate and highlight regular marks with newly identified traces


The Torch can be an essential part of a Care Home’s equipment in the fight to protect residents and staff from coronavirus and other similar viruses spreading.

Even following a deep clean the Infection Prevention Control torch can help identify areas that required further attention that could not be seen with the naked eye.

One Care Home found that, even after a Deep Clean, the torch revealed that soft furnishings and walls had retained high levels of bacteria and biological traces.

The Care Home has now replaced material covered chairs, removed unnecessary soft furnishings and initiated a process to clean infected walls.