A New Unique System For Proning Patients More Safely In Operating Theatres

The Proturn® was developed to replace the hazardous manual system of Flip & Catch, common in many operating theatres that leaves patients and staff at risk of injury. Designed to enhance safety, the Proturn® will turn patients into and out of the prone position safely and efficiently, protect the arm in the manoeuvre, eliminate static positioning and remove the dangerous reaching, stretching and catching.

This results in less staff being required. Removes the risk of musculoskeletal injury and any risk of patient nerve or tissue damage due to poor handling. Positionally accurate, easy to use and safe for all. Choose Proturn® for all your prone positioning.

The Transatlantic range provides a safe, easy and more sustainable alternative compared to slide sheets

The tried and tested Transatlantic Boards are offering a new generation of patient-handling tools.
These boards guarantee super smooth lateral transfer and less chance of injuries to the medical staff.

By choosing them,
 you can significantly reduce your costs and waste by replacing single-used sliding sheets.

Hospital Direct

smooth lateral transfer

Patient transfers between two surfaces are easier than ever before.


Quick return on your investment,
less single-use sheets.


Can be disinfected using all common disinfection agents.

Our Transatlantic range is designed to facilitate easy movement between two lying surfaces, significantly aiding patients and health professionals.
These innovative boards work smoothly and efficiently in a variety of medical situations and perform well even with heavier patients.
To reduce the spread of infection in medical settings, using a fresh cover for each patient transfer is essential, and these covers are compatible with the rollboards.

After the significant improvement of their CT Department’s sustainability and cost-reduction goals, The George Elliot Hospital Trust in Nuneaton is now actively purchasing and investing in Transatlantic Rollboards for bed-to-bed transfers.

Download our case study with George Elliot Hospital.

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“…I can report that all the staff are very happy with the device and have reported less back pain from sliding patients when on a busy list. “

– Andrew (single CT Room associate, George Elliot Hospital)

£128.06 inc. VAT VAT Relief

Disposable Covers / Infection Prevention Control Helping to minimise the spread of infection in medical settings. Transatlantic Rollboard Disposable Covers are compatible with our Transatlantic Rollboard. Using a fresh cover for every patient transfer significantly reduces any risk of an infection from blood, dirt or fluids being transmitted on to the next users as a […]

£332.00 inc. VAT VAT Relief

Work alongside the Transatlantic Hygieneboard to give a super, smooth lateral transfer

£1504.33 inc. VAT VAT Relief

The Transatlantic Silverboard Folding Rollboard makes it easy for health professionals to transfer a patient between two lying surfaces.

£1214.44 inc. VAT VAT Relief

Hospital Direct’s Transatlantic mini non-folding rollboard is the ideal patient transfer board for lithotomy operations

£158.11 inc. VAT VAT Relief

The Transatlantic curved board is a tool that helps people move from one seated position to another while remaining seated.

£1330.87 inc. VAT VAT Relief

The Transatlantic Hygieneboard makes it easy for health professionals to transfer a patient between two lying surfaces.

£411.34 inc. VAT VAT Relief

Disposable Covers / Infection Prevention Control The Transatlantic Organiser – The only rollboard holder and disposable cover dispenser; used to hold a transfer board and allow the disposable covers to be directly pulled onto the Rollboard, all off the ground for improved infection control. The Transatlantic Organiser holds one 100 unit roll of Rollboard disposable […]

The Washable
ProTurn® Sheet

Manufactured from a strong and robust cotton fabric our washable Proturn® sheets are designed to be one-size for all patients up to 178kg. Washable to 74 degrees for 20 washes they have a row of strong handles stitched along one side to which the long Proturn® straps attach in order to turn the patient. An integral pocket on the other side will take one of our Wipeclean Proturn® pads which help to protect arms and lines and prevent entrapment. Use again post operatively and then send to laundry.