Any workplace with 5 or more employees in the United Kingdom is dutiful in having to provide adequate Health and Safety training for their staff. With more than 28 full courses, as well as 16 Refresher Courses, your organisation can save both time and money training its employees.

As well as this, if you as an individual would like to partake in any Health and safety subject from the comfort of your own home/office, single user licenses are accessible.

Learn How To

  • The Health and Safety training courses relevant to your organisation
  • Over 28 Full Courses and 16 Refresher Courses
    (shorter/top-up) for years 2 and 3
  • Learn the correct techniques for desired tasks
  • New skills in order to help you and your team perform
    mandatory Health and Safety, safely and securely



Up to 90% knowledge retention with our 3 loop learning cycle training techniques

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Basic First Aid

Slips and Trips

Patient Handling

Added Features and Benefits

With Hospital Direct, you’ll always have the best service provided to you; across everything we do. Our Single Handed Care training courses are designed with you in mind, to benefit both you as a Carer, as well as your patients.

  • Short, efficient, and interactive training, saving personal
    and organisational time
  • Stop/Start Training
  • End of Module tests to prove competency
  • Gain CPD Hours by partaking in the courses
  • Interactive games
  • Printable certifications upon completion
  • Up to 6 years online access to certifications