The Story that Kicked Off Our Company

We at Hospital Direct were there when the market for the Safe Handling of People effectively came into being in its modern form. It was a shock in those days to many people because it completely changed the practices of the time. Nurses and physiotherapists who were asked to introduce the associated Health and Safety measures after 1992 were very keen to meet anyone who had solutions and ideas for solving problems.

As a company we were at the forefront of developments and, after a short period where initial principles were established, we were very quickly able to see better, more innovative and effective ways of delivering safer and more comfortable solutions for patients and staff alike.

The main focus initially was on staff and helping them weather the legally enforced cultural shift in working practices. However, very quickly it became apparent that more focus on the patient/client was needed as the disciplines required for safer handling juxtaposed with Tissue Viability and Infection Control. There was also the fact that different scenarios required different considerations. For example, people undergoing Surgery normally
had different specific needs to those of people in a medical ward or in their own home.

Since those early days the company has grown enormously – it’s range has expanded, it has moved to new and larger premises and has a team of highly motivated and skilled staff which is largely drawn from all corners of Shropshire and Mid Wales. Today we provide jobs in production, warehousing, design, logistics, customer service, sales, marketing and graphic design and we are totally focussed on providing products that reduce risk of injury to staff and patients alike and have developed products (and continue to do so) and services that makes life more comfortable for clients, safer for care staff and which have also been directly responsible for saving lives. Further, much of our core product and service range is widely acknowledged to preserve dignity of both sides of the user interface and at all stages of life.

Being a British manufacturer offers us so many possibilities to look after you, our customers and Hospital Direct has had a wide impact on the Safer Handling of People in the wider medical and associated environments.

This has ranged from reducing costs and losses to bespoke product provision and unique product development in response to identified need. These are traits in our Corporate character that we are extremely proud of, which have earned us an international reputation and which gives us the opportunity to remain true to our original vision – to manufacture the best equipment for you at the most cost effective price and made here in the UK