The issue of Single Handed Care can be a real concern for both lone workers and part/full time carers.

That’s why Hospital Direct has developed a series of simple step by step/how-to courses in the products you use on a daily basis, helping you to complete
the tasks you need with confidence and ease.

Patient Handling may be an art form, but we ensure it doesn’t have to be a daunting one with our simple and easy online training courses.

Learn How To

  • Provide single handed care to patients helping them to feel safe and securely
  • Learn the correct techniques to protect the carers back
  • Correctly use the products you and your staff are required to use
  • Perform single handed care in a professional way whilst making the patient feel secure


Up to 90% knowledge retention with our 3 loop learning cycle training techniques

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In-Bed Systems

Single Handed Care

Patient Handling

Added Features and Benefits

With Hospital Direct, you’ll always have the best service provided to you; across everything we do. Our Single Handed Care training courses are designed with you in mind, to benefit both you as a Carer, as well as your patients.

  • Short, efficient, and interactive training, saving personal
    and organisational time
  • Stop/Start Training
  • End of Module tests to prove competency
  • Gain CPD Hours by partaking in the courses
  • Interactive games
  • Printable certifications upon completion
  • Up to 6 years online access to certifications