A New Unique System For Proning Patients More Safely In Operating Theatres

The Proturn® was developed to replace the hazardous manual system of Flip & Catch, common in many operating theatres that leaves patients and staff at risk of injury. Designed to enhance safety, the Proturn® will turn patients into and out of the prone position safely and efficiently, protect the arm in the manoeuvre, eliminate static positioning and remove the dangerous reaching, stretching and catching.

This results in less staff being required. Removes the risk of musculoskeletal injury and any risk of patient nerve or tissue damage due to poor handling. Positionally accurate, easy to use and safe for all. Choose Proturn® for all your prone positioning.

Cost Effective


Easy to Use

The Transaflow Multi-APS filling systems are suitable for use on multiple patients in CT and MRI. They can be used with all common double- and single-head syringes and thus fit contrast media applications with or without saline.

This unique filling systems contain four high-quality check valves and a self-sealing Luer-Lock adapter, which can be disinfected after each disconnection of the patient line.

Transaflow Multi-APS safety systems offer the best possible and most hygienic safety for the patient and the user.

The syringe system offers easy and convenient clinical handling with colour codes for each patient ensuring efficiency and risk-free use.

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“The Transaflow makes us independent of the consumables of the injector manufacturers and at the same time meets the hygiene requirements.

Frank Rudolph – Clinician

The Washable
ProTurn® Sheet

Manufactured from a strong and robust cotton fabric our washable Proturn® sheets are designed to be one-size for all patients up to 178kg. Washable to 74 degrees for 20 washes they have a row of strong handles stitched along one side to which the long Proturn® straps attach in order to turn the patient. An integral pocket on the other side will take one of our Wipeclean Proturn® pads which help to protect arms and lines and prevent entrapment. Use again post operatively and then send to laundry.