• Designed as an aid to stand when rising from a vehicle, the Handy Bar is a very simple but strong and reliable aid to mobility. Made from forged steel, it simply fits into the door bracket on the cars door frame, where it will then remain for as long as it is needed. Product Video: Your browser does not support the video tag.

  • Perfect for someone to turn themselves around in a standing position. Top and bottom surfaces are covered in slip-resistant fabric for added safety.

  • Can remain under the patient at all times Great for those having difficulty turning in bed Central panel is smooth for ease of movement Satin Panel is 70cm wide x 200cm long Elasticated all the way around. Antislip cotton on edges reduce risk of slipping. Openings in bottom corners for air hoses of dynamic mattresses Cotton and polyester mix for great...

  • This 100% cotton top-panel is designed for bariatric or double beds and works in conjunction with the Flexicare Maxi Base sheet to  care of the long term 24hr patient.  Fully quilted it is 100% cotton, very comfortable and wide enough to facilitate easy turning. Integral handles enable carers to reposition with ease or attach to a ceiling or mobile...

  • The ProTurn™ starter pack contains everything you need for turning a patient from supine to prone and back again, no more flip and catch! Getting you started with prone positioning in a cost effective, simple and safe way for your staff and patients. The pack contains wipe clean consumables along with a disposable ProTurn™ sheet and split slide sheets for...

  • A simple and easy product which makes the application of compression garments quick and effortless. Product Video: Your browser does not support the video tag.

  • A supportive belt for an adult to help transferring or walking. The ergonomically designed handles enable the care giver to hold the client/patient close without the need to grab clothes. Product Video: Your browser does not support the video tag.

  • A pack of 10 patient specific slide sheets that help prevent slipping down in beds, chairs, or wheelchairs. Using a comfortable absorbent material these products will allow you to glide further up a surface and lock (secure) you into position minimising the risk of slipping back down using the integral locking mechanism. Product Video: Your browser...

  • Suitable for use on the floor or in bed, this Anti-Slip Foot Pad is designed as a safety aid that helps to prevent slipping. It can be used to stand on when sitting or rising from a chair, or it can be used with or without a glide and lock sheet to aid movement in bed. A helpful aid for more independent living, it is hard wearing and easy to clean....

  • Designed to sit on a bariatric /double bed, at 120cm wide this base panel is attached by 4 elastic corner straps. The design of the base sheet includes an integral locking panel which, when activated under the Flexicare8 Maxi Top Panel , can prevent the patient position moving once their position is achieved.  TO increase safety, the edges of the base...

  • A box of 50 non-woven disposable covers to accompany the Washable GUS™ - Gynaey & Urology Slide allowing full coverage of the main product and disposable of the cover, reducing laundering and increasing patient throughput. Product Video: Your browser does not support the video tag.

  • A designated low-friction transfer slide sheet with long handles, designed to facilitate patient transfers between two surfaces and encourage good and safe posture by staff by reducing the need to reach and stretch.

  • Patient Handling: more than just lifting and moving

    2018-05-11 12:29:21

    Patient Handling: more than just lifting and moving

    Patient handling is commonly associated with the procedures involved with lifting and moving patients with significant mobility needs. Carers, nursing staff and even doctors however know that patient handling covers every aspect of care from helping a person to put their socks on to tucking them into bed.

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  • No Lift Transfers: Simple and Safe Solutions For Moving Patients

    2018-05-11 12:25:51

    No Lift Transfers: Simple and Safe Solutions For Moving Patients

    One of the biggest issues in any hospital environment is safely and securely moving patients from one place to another. Whether that’s getting them to a bed or transferring them from a trolley onto a surgical table, moving and handling can be difficult and challenging.Incorrectly carried out, transferring a patient to an adjacent surface can lead to injury for both the patient and the person carrying out the manoeuvre.

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  • X-Ray Plate Insertion Systems

    2018-05-11 09:41:11

    X-Ray Plate Insertion Systems

    Taking x-rays of patients is an integral part of healthcare in many hospitals. Normally, it requires a trip down to the nearest imaging or radiography department and for many patients this is absolutely fine.

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  • The XCcube: Helping Treat the Deceased with Dignity and Respect

    2018-05-11 09:30:46

    The XCcube: Helping Treat the Deceased with Dignity and Respect

    A lightweight and durable system for transferring deceased patients from one area to another, the XCcube ensures that respect and dignity are maintained at all times. The innovative transport system has been developed by Hospital Direct and is a simple and effective solution to the long standing issues that surround the movement of deceased individuals.

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