"Hospital Direct's single base sheets and 3/4 top sheets were added to the our counties equipment catalogue recently. As well as being cost effective, they are soft and durable. The customer service received from Hospital Direct is excellent. The representatives are available to provide quotes for special orders and for assessments." Clinical Advisor
"Currently, these in-situ slide sheets deliver the best value to community equipment services." Clinical Product Manager
"The top sheet is well made, works well in practice, with a good level of manoeuvrability when used with the 2 way base sheet. As a result, it has become the preferred product with a number of community equipment services." Product Manager
"The base sheet has proved to be effective in helping individuals maintain independence, where possible, and also works very well with a top sheet when greater levels of support are required for manual handling. This has been supported by feedback we have received from clinicians and contracts that use this product." Product Evaluator
"I have used 3 different in-situ systems and these definitely compete with the easiest to use and most comfortable" Moving & Handling Advisor/Trainer
"The in-situ system decreases the amount of handling for the carer and client. The handles for turning are excellent" Independent Occupational Therapist and Moving & Handling Advisor/Trainer
"The SIBA Sheets were very easy to fit and very comfortable to be moved on and to reposition others" Independent Occupational Therapist and Moving & Handling Advisor/Trainer

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This Satin Sheet In-Bed System guarantees patient comfort and easy repositioning in bed.

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This Satin Sheet In-Bed System guarantees patient comfort and easy repositioning in bed.

The Satin In-Bed System comprises a SIBA Satin Base sheet and a SIBA Satin Top Sheet, which slide against each other to aid patient repositioning. Both the base sheet and top sheet use built-in satin panels which, when placed against each other, enable carers to easily reposition a person in bed.

The patient/client lies on the polycotton side of the top sheet, just as they would on a bedsheet. The satin sheets have cotton edges to prevent slippage on the edge of the bed. Once the user is in their desired position, carers can tuck the bottom edge of the SIBA Satin Top Sheet under itself to prevent further user movement, supine or sitting.

The in-situ slide sheets are available in a variety of sizes to fit profiling single beds, divans, double and king-sized beds. The in-bed satin sheet systems are also available for super-king-sized beds by request.

The base sheet is duck-egg blue striped and the top sheet is duck-egg blue checkered.

If you need advice about the Satin In-Bed Assistance Combination Pack, please get in touch with our Technical Team. We will be delighted to help.

Base Sheet Features and Benefits

  • Can remain under the patient at all times
  • Great for those who have difficulty turning in bed
  • Smooth central satin panel for ease of movement
  • Satin panel is available in standard single, standard double or bespoke sizes
  • Anti-slip cotton edges reduce the risk of slipping
  • Comfortable cotton and polyester mix
  • Washable to 90°C

Top Sheet Features and Benefits

  • Four-way movement enables easy and comfortable patient care
  • Allows easy re-positioning with little effort
  • Optional handles attach to ceiling and/or mobile hoist to facilitate regular and easy turning
  • Safe Working Load (SWL): 300kg (47.24 stone)
  • Available in multiple sizes:
    • 140cm x 200cm: covering head to hips
    • 200cm x 200cm: covering full body
    • Bespoke measurements available

Used by

  • Single carers or multiple carers depending on the user’s independence level


  • Nursing homes/care homes
  • Hospices
  • Home care
  • Hospital wards
  • Palliative care

Download User PDF’s for Base Sheets:

Download User PDF’s for Top Draw Sheets:

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