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The Satin SIBA™ 4 way top draw sheet maximises comfort for patients who need assistance when turning in bed.

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Reviews about Hospital Direct

"Good quality"
"Easy to use - brilliant for moving a person in bed. Great for single carer use. The client feels comfortable."
"I like the quality & the fact they are made in the UK!"
"Prioritising comfort for the patients. Easy to use"
"Bruce demonstrated the sheet and explained every design choice. I appreciate how much consideration was put in to the product."
"I am so impressed with a sliding sheet that looks non-clinical and works so well. And that it is able to be used at all times rather than just during care/transfers"
"So much more dignity for people, and being able to leave it on the bed is much nicer"
"Easy to use and very soft."
"They offer a "homely" feel for a product within the home. Taking away the clinical feel."  
"Cost effective, good SWL. Can be used to roll a client effectively."
"Aesthetically pleasing. Functional piece of kit - easier manual handling."
"Hospital Direct's single base sheets and 3/4 top sheets were added to the our counties equipment catalogue recently. As well as being cost effective, they are soft and durable. The customer service received from Hospital Direct is excellent. The representatives are available to provide quotes for special orders and for assessments."
"Currently, these in-situ slide sheets deliver the best value to community equipment services."
"The top sheet is well made, works well in practice, with a good level of manoeuvrability when used with the 2 way base sheet. As a result, it has become the preferred product with a number of community equipment services."
"The base sheet has proved to be effective in helping individuals maintain independence, where possible, and also works very well with a top sheet when greater levels of support are required for manual handling. This has been supported by feedback we have received from clinicians and contracts that use this product."
"I have used 3 different in-situ systems and these definitely compete with the easiest to use and most comfortable"
"The in-situ system decreases the amount of handling for the carer and client. The handles for turning are excellent"

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The Satin SIBA™ 4 way top draw sheet maximises comfort for patients who need assistance when turning in bed.

In-Bed System / Patient Management / Satin Sheets

The Satin SIBA 4 way top draw sheet maximises comfort for patients who need assistance when turning in bed.

This super-soft 4-way draw sheet sits on top of a satin base sheet to offer ultimate patient comfort and enable easy repositioning from a single carer. When combined with a satin base sheet, the satin panel in the top sheet slides against the satin panel in the base sheet, facilitating multi-directional patient positioning.

Note: the top satin slide sheet must be used in conjunction with a satin base sheet.

Available in any bespoke sizes you require, (Standard 140cm long and 200cm wide), the 4-way satin sheet covers patients/clients from shoulder to hips and is wider than a single bed. The generous width gives carers enough fabric to safely turn a patient from side to side and roll up excess fabric to reposition patients.

The in-situ satin sheet system is made from duck-egg-blue woven polycotton and a satin panel, which is stitched underneath the polycotton. White check marks in the satin sheet denote movement around the bed in four directions, enabling carers to turn and move patients up and down the bed and into sitting positions.

Hospital Direct stocks a range of in-bed systems to suit all patient needs. If you need advice about the Satin SIBA 4-way top sheet or other in-bed systems, get in touch with our Technical Team. We will be delighted to help.

FIM Independence Level: 6–1

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for use and compatible with all Hoists – Gantry and Mobile.
  • Reduces risk of tissue and nerve damage
  • Great for those who have difficulty turning in bed
  • Helps to reduce the risk of pressure sores developing
  • 4-way movement in all directions for patient care
  • Allows carers to reposition more dependent patients
  • Cotton and satin fibres make for a comfortable in-bed experience
  • Holds most patients up to 400 KG / 62.98 Stone
  • Generous width allows carers to tuck the sheet in to increase patient security
  • Suitable for turning, up/down re-positioning, repositioning a patient from lying to sitting and vice versa
  • Can remain under the patient at all times
  • Best used in conjunction with one of our Satin In-Bed Turner Base sheets
  • The combination of two silky smooth satin panels working with each other means easy, quiet and safe movements
  • Anti-slip cotton edges reduce the risk of slipping
  • Cotton and polyester mix for great comfort and repeated washing
  • Washable to 90°C

Used by

  • Single carers or multiple carers depending on the user’s independence level


  • Home care
  • Community nursing
  • Hospices
  • Home care
  • Nursing homes/care homes
  • Hospitals

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SIBA Satin 4-Way Top Draw Sheet
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1 review for Satin ‘SIBA™ Sheets’ – 4 Way Top Draw Sheet

  1. Nicky Williams

    Have been well received by prescribers. ( S Gifford, OT Suffolk)

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Next Day Dispatch: £4.25

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