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SUPine to prone / Prone position to supine

No more ‘flip and catch’ method in theatres.

Are you lifting patients on your arms whilst the surgeon gets the position right? With the ProTurn™ slides, lifting patients on your outstretched arms to achieve correct positioning is now a thing of the past!

These two superb split slide sheets fit over whatever support surface you are using and attach to the ProTurn™ Mat beneath. Far better than any conventional slide sheets, they are split for a reason; to allow the patient’s abdomen to settle into the space provided on your support and yet still allow you to manoeuvre the patient with ease and precision up/down, across.

What’s more, they are so easy to remove and can also be used under the ProTurn™ itself in Recovery for final positioning post surgery.

Please click on the video button to see how!

NB: Sold in pairs.


  • Accurate positioning of patients on proning surfaces or after surgery in Recovery

Used by:

  • Operating Theatre Staff

Used with:

  • ProTurn™
  • ProTurn™ Mat
Weight 0.16 kg
Dimensions 27 × 35 × 3 cm
Units Per Pack


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