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A satin based easy sliding pillow case that fits all standard UK pillows and co-ordinates with our whole SIBA (Satin In- Bed Assistance) satin sheet systems. Designed to help deliver single handed care and turning in bed safely, this easy sliding pillow case will slide effortlessly on the satin of the SIBA satin sheet systems.

For all organisations and people delivering single handed care, some manoeuvres can be very uncomfortable for users because it can be difficult to move the head in coordination with the body whilst turning in bed when there is only one carer. Our SIBA satin pillowcase helps to solve this problem for single handed care as it enables those responsible for single handed care to reposition a person’s pillow easily during turning in bed and up and down repositioning but then secure it in place after the manoeuvre.

Matching our SIBA satin sheet systems, this pillow case is available in one size to fit the standard UK pillows. It has a duck egg blue, checked poly cotton top to keep users cool and comfortable and a satin base on the underside to allow easy positioning – up and down and side to side. This means that turning in bed is even more comfortable as the pillow will move during turning and those delivering single handed care can keep people more comfortable and reduce the risks of nerve damage that can be caused through inappropriate handling of the head and neck. Once re-positioned, the position of the pillow can be secured by tucking the cotton flaps under the pillow.

Single handed Carers find it easy to use as well: the extended cotton flaps can also be used as “handles” for repositioning, enabling a good grip and control over moving the pillow. This is especially useful when turning in bed.

As with our SIBA satin sheet systems we also offer a bespoke size service for those with pillows different to the normal size.

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