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Those who struggle to sit up in bed without sliding down or have trouble sitting upright in a chair/wheelchair will love the patient-specific Glide and Locks, an ideal one-way glide solution.

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Hospital Direct’s Turning Slide Sheets make it easier to perform patient turning and lateral transfer manoeuvres.

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Hospital Direct’s ProTurn® Slide Sheets make proning comfortable and easy for both caregivers and patients.

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Hospital Direct’s Opthalmic Covers protect Glide and Lock slide sheets to improve infection control in eye-surgery settings.

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The Ophthalmic Glide and Lock is great in-surgery slide sheet and recovery aid that prevents patients from sliding downwards, whether in bed or a chair.

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Hospital Direct’s J-Pack Carry Bag is the ideal slide sheet storage and transportation solution – perfect for practitioners on the move.

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Whether you need to slide, turn, swivel or transfer patients, the Disposable J-Pack is the ideal solution for easy patient repositioning.

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The Washable J-Pack enables carers to easily turn, swivel or slide patients up and down in beds and trolleys and transfer patients between two surfaces.

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Hospital Direct’s Disposable Turning Slide Sheets offer the latest in glide sheet innovation to improve patient and carer safety.

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Use these disposable slide sheets to slide and rotate patients in beds/trolleys or turn patients safely from one surface to another.

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These disposable flat slide sheets make patient repositioning safe and comfortable for both patients and carers.

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Safely turn, transfer, swivel and reposition patients in beds and trolleys using these disposable smart slide sheet with handles.