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Bed Loops / In-Bed Systems

Patients who struggle to turn in bed can use these Bed Loops to securely reposition themselves and safely move to the edge of the bed.

Hospital Direct’s Bed Loops give patients the independence that they need to reposition themselves and move into a safe sitting position on the edge of a bed. The fantastic webbing product changes lives for the better by promoting safety and helping patients to feel more secure.

The bed aids are the brainchild of an expert manual handling advisor who wanted to give her patients something to hold onto to help them turn in bed, or just feel more secure on the edge of the bed. She designed the Bed Loops to simply loop through the bed frame for easy use. With the bed aid to grip onto, users feel more secure as they sit up and turn from side to side.

The aids are ideal for beds with frames but are not suitable for divan beds as they loop through the bed frame. The webbing product is easy to attach with no knots or ties – simply thread the larger loop through the small one.

The Bed Loops are easy to wash in the washing machine at 30–74°C. Alternatively, wash in soapy water, rinse and drip dry.

Each comes as a paired set with a choice of three handles.

Watch the short video clip to see if these bed aids could make a difference to you. If you need further advice about the Bed Loops, please get in touch with our Technical Team. We will be delighted to help.

Features and Benefits

  • Bed loops aid patient repositioning and ensure patient safety
  • Suitable for use on all beds with a frame, such as hospital beds, profiling beds and community profiling beds
  • Supplied in pairs
  • Great for those who have difficulty turning in bed
  • Small enough to take on holiday
  • Can also be used in door handles of cars for those who need extra support


  • Hospitals
  • Nursing/care homes
  • Children’s nursing
  • Hospices
  • Home care
  • Community nursing
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • District nursing
  • Independent use
Weight 0.84 kg
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 3 cm
Units Per Pack


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