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Handling Belt / Patient belt

Those who struggle with movement can use the Essential Handling Belt to sit, stand and walk with minimal assistance from a single carer.

Carers can use this Essential Handling Belt to support a person while they are walking, standing from a chair or sitting. The supportive transfer belt enables patients to secure a safe grip on the comfortable, angled handles, allowing them to transfer themselves into and out of chairs safely. The Essential Handling Belt offers a cost-effective mobility solution, designed for patient comfort, ease of use and robustness.

The patient transfer belt’s anti-slip inner lining and lateral/vertical handles allow complete ease of movement, helping patients to stand, sit and walk with minimal intervention from a carer. The belt also offers superb inner grip against the person’s clothing so that they can feel secure.

The transfer belt is available in seven sizes to fit all children and adults.

If you need advice about the Essential Handling Belt, please get in touch with our Technical Team. We will be delighted to help.

The belt is not to be used for lifting, and carers must not wear the belt for patients to hold onto.

Features and Benefits

  • Patient handling belt suitable for patients measuring 20–54 inches around the waist
  • Breathable inner fabric and padding to maximise patient comfort
  • Superb inner-skin anti-slip fabric grips the user’s clothing, providing additional support to ensure confidence
  • Comfortably shaped webbing handles designed for hands of any size
  • Adjustable handle position
  • Choice of vertical and lateral webbing handholds for easy client support where needed
  • Great support to the user’s lumbar region
  • Can be washed at 71°C

Used by

  • Those who need minor assistance from a single carer


  • Home care
  • Occupational therapy
  • Social services
  • Community nursing
  • General wards
  • Renal units

Small Childs, Childs – 23-28 inches/59-71cm, Small – 28-36 inches/73cm-91cm – Blue, Medium – 34-41 inches/88-104cm, Large – 41-46 inches/104-117cm, X-Large – 53-60 inches/134-152cm, Universal – 27.5-50 inches/70- 127cm

Units Per Pack


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