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IN-Bed system / patient management

Satin 2 Way Top Draw Sheet:

Part of our satin sheet system, this top draw sheet is designed to lie across the bed, the stripes helping users to know which way to place it on the bed

It will cover from shoulders to hips on most people and is designed solely to help your patient turn easily in bed but without the risk of sliding down. It is not designed for those patients who require a lot of in bed repositioning care as it will not allow movement up or down. They will require a 4 Way Top Draw Sheet.

It works with all SIBA satin base sheets and is most useful for those clients who need to turn and also be able to sit up without sliding down.

Lying across the bed in the direction of the stripes, it becomes a comfortable layer for the user to remain on without having to lie directly on top of the satin base panel. In this way it can be used by those independent enough to turn from side to side themselves but is also loved by single carers to aid turning people in bed.


  • Stripes denote way to position across the bed
  • One main standard size 200cm wide x 140cm long
  • Covers shoulders to hips
  • Wide enough to tuck in under a single bed mattress
  • Non standard sizes by request
  • Easy care poly cotton
  • Washable to 90 degrees with low tumble dry/
  • Iron flat for best results.


  • User can remain on the top draw sheet at all times if necessary
  • Placed on top of a satin base sheet it allows turning from side to side
  • Due to the special weave people can sit/lie on it without sliding down.
  • Great for those who need to turn regularly throughout the night but don’t require other specialist positioning support.
  • Suitable for all types of mattresses, provided risk assessment carried out for suitability)
  • Pressure mapped for tissue viability peace of mind.

Independent Use:

For those who need a little help turning in bed, this is a perfect solution. They can turn from side to side but not slide down, either through the night or when sitting up (helps when the sheet can be tucked in). For may it is better than lying directly on top of a base sheet that. For some, can become quite warm and too slippy.

For Carer Assistance:

Used in combination with any of our SIBA satin base sheets, this product will slide from side to side on top of the satin panel and so help single carers give added assistance to those needing a little help. It is also wide enough for single carers to tuck in under single mattresses. Need a longer size for wider beds? Just email/call our customer service team for help, advice and prices.

Used by:

  • Independent people on their own or Single carer

FIM independence level:

  • 6 – 1


  • Hospitals
  • Community Nursing
  • Hospices
  • Home Care
  • Nursing Homes / Care Homes
Dimensions N/A

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