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This 100% cotton Flexicare 4-Way slide sheet system is perfect for patients who require 24-hour in-bed care and support.

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"Looks so easy"
"Used them for years. All good places should have them"
"This looks so quick and easy"
"I've used these before. They're fab"
"I've had the pleasure of using the sheet and with a large bariatric lady. It made life better for all concerned."

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This 100% cotton Flexicare 4-Way slide sheet system is perfect for patients who require 24-hour in-bed care and support.


This 100% cotton Flexicare 4-Way In-Bed Management System is perfect for patients who require 24-hour in-bed care and support.

The Flexicare 4-Way System is a super-slippery slide sheet that health professionals can use with a positioning wedge (purchased separately) to enable easy patient repositioning and long-term comfort. Carers can use the 4-way glide sheet to manoeuvre and reposition patients in all directions without directly handling them, promoting dignity and easy patient turning. Carers can then use the integral locking panels and positioning wedge to keep patients safe and secure, preventing the risk of patients falling out of bed.

Choose between Hospital Direct’s range of 4-way glide systems to suit all patient needs. Our Flexicare 4-way base sheets are available in two sizes to fit single and double beds. We also stock three variations of the Flexicare top sheets: a standard sheet made from fire-retardant, breathable cotton; a PU-coated, wipeclean sheet for patients struggling with incontinence; and a micro-fibre sheet that enables easy temperature control.

If you need advice about the Flexicare 4-Way In-Bed Management System, please get in touch with our Technical Team. We will be delighted to help.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Allows carers to move a patient in all directions
  • Offers patients comfort and dignity
  • Patients can remain on the 4-way slide sheet indefinitely, either directly on top of the sheet or under a cotton bed sheet
  • Carers can re-position patients without disturbing them or handling them directly
  • Reduces risk of injury to carers
  • Enhances patient care and clinical outcomes
  • Suitable with hoist use
  • 100% cotton system with low-friction inner linings
  • Two-panel system enables up/down manoeuvres, turning, swivelling, sitting up safely, transferring and turning into a prone position
  • Integral locking panels means safe position can be secured, even when sitting
  • Suitable for single carers
  • Washable at 40–74°C and suitable for low-temperature tumble dry
  • Spare panels available
  • SWL: 31st/200kg
  • Maxi model: 200kg
  • Comfort, safety and security in one manoeuvre


  • Hospitals
  • Nursing/care homes
  • Home care
  • Children’s nursing
  • Palliative care

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Dimensions N/A

90cm x 200cm (single/hospital), 120cm x 200cm (bariatric/small double)

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Delivery Information

Next Day Dispatch: £4.25

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