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extension straps / Healthcare Straps

These Deluxe Extension Straps can be used to help supine transfers from bed/bed or bed/trolley etc.and prevent staff from having to reach or stretch.

The Deluxe Extension Straps have a strong buckle at one end and a series of raised handles on the Deluxe Extension Straps strap itself.  They are easy to attach and easy to use. Just clip a buckle to a handle of your choice on a flat slide sheet or other piece of equipment and then, using the handles provided on the Deluxe Extension Straps, you can ensure that staff have a good, firm hold,  can use a hand over hand technique and do not need to compromise their posture.

Sold in pairs these Deluxe Extension Straps are invaluable when staff are working in pairs as each can work with a Deluxe Extension Strap of their own, choose their favoured handle and work in co-ordination to move the patient in the direction they need.


  • For use in supine transfers, reducing risk of over-reaching and stretching and use with other equipment with handles

Used with:

  • Flat Slide Sheets with Handles
  • Glide and Locks with handles
  • Emergency Lifting Sheets
Used by:
  • All areas where you need to attach a strong strap to help in a manoeuvre.
Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 7 × 21 × 3 cm
Units Per Pack


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