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IN-Bed system / patient management

For assistance moving comfortably in bed, the Satin in Bed Turners are a newly developed range of products by Hospital Direct. Using our own uniquely developed technical textiles they are the perfect solution to help enable safe and comfortable movement in bed with or without assistance depending on the users abilities.

The 2 Way Base Sheet is primarily used by those who do not require assistance to move in bed. The smooth silky Satin panel aids movement making it easy to adjust position helping in the prevention of pressure sores and promoting comfort. We offer a variety of sizes suitable for beds and static mattresses ranging from single bed up to double bed size (200cm wide). Bespoke options are also available if required.

Benefits and Features

  • Prevents sliding own the bed when either flat or profiled
  • Exclusive cotton acts as a safety break for the patient
  • Easy turning and re-positioning with little effort
  • Reduces risk of tissue and nerve damage
  • Helps to reduce incidence of pressure sores developing
  • Minimum training required
  • Unique own weave of Satin developed by Hospital Direct
  • Own weave of cotton
  • After support available
  • Pressure mapped for your peace of mind
  • Suitable for all mattress types


  • Fitted – Base sheet, tucks in under mattress
  • Elasticated Corner Straps
  • Fully Elasticated
  • 3/4 length Satin or Midi sheet – allows single user with lower body strength to grip the cotton at the bottom of the sheet to push back

For Carer Assistance:

This product can be combined with our Satin In-Bed Turner 4 Way Draw Sheets. These also have a central satin panel and are placed on top of the base sheet. The two satin panels work together to enable easy and safe re–positioning by carers.


For Dynamic Air Mattresses we would recommend our specially designed satin fitted sheet to manage the air hose access

Independent Use

It can be used by someone independently to re-position themselves safely and comfortably in bed whilst lying directly on it, making turning over and getting in and out of bed much easier.

Used by:

  • Single carers or Multiple carers depending on independence level

FIM independence level:

  • 6 – 1


  • Hospitals
  • Community Nursing
  • Hospices
  • Home Care
  • Nursing Homes / Care Homes

Additional Benefits:

  • Can remain under the patient at all times.
  • Great for those who need multi positioning in bed – up/down and turning.
  • Best used in conjunction with one of our Satin In-Bed Turner Base sheets.
  • The Combination of both silky smooth satin panels working with each other men easy, quiet and safe movements.
  • Anti-slip cotton on edges reduce risk of slipping.
  • A size available for all beds, shapes, and sizes
  • Cotton and polyester mix for great comfort and repeated washing
  • Washable to 90 degrees C

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