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Hospital Direct’s SIBA Satin Sheet System makes turning in bed easier for both assisted and unassisted patients.

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Reviews about Hospital Direct

"Hospital Direct's single base sheets and 3/4 top sheets were added to the our counties equipment catalogue recently. As well as being cost effective, they are soft and durable. The customer service received from Hospital Direct is excellent. The representatives are available to provide quotes for special orders and for assessments."
"Currently, these in-situ slide sheets deliver the best value to community equipment services."
"The top sheet is well made, works well in practice, with a good level of manoeuvrability when used with the 2 way base sheet. As a result, it has become the preferred product with a number of community equipment services."
"The base sheet has proved to be effective in helping individuals maintain independence, where possible, and also works very well with a top sheet when greater levels of support are required for manual handling. This has been supported by feedback we have received from clinicians and contracts that use this product."
"The Sheets were of good quality and had the right amount of slide to afford in-bed movement".
"The SIBA Sheets were very easy to fit and very comfortable to be moved on and to reposition others"

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Hospital Direct’s SIBA Satin Sheet System makes turning in bed easier for both assisted and unassisted patients.


Hospital Direct’s SIBA Satin Sheet System makes turning in bed easier for both assisted and unassisted patients.

Patients who need slippery sheets to move comfortably in bed love our SIBA Satin Sheet System, which they can use to reposition in bed without sliding down the mattress. The SIBA (Satin In-Bed Assistance) sheets use our uniquely developed technical textiles – a slippery panel and anti-slip cotton weave. This unique blend of materials enables comfortable movement in bed and prevents pressure sores, tissue damage and nerve damage.

Whether patients use the sheets independently or with assistance from a carer, the silky satin panel makes it easy to adjust position. Either way, they can simply tuck the 2-way fitted base sheets under a mattress to make turning in bed easier.

We supply the satin sheet system in eight sizes to fit most beds and static mattresses, ranging from single to double bed sizes. Bespoke options are also available if required. Alternatively, if you need a satin sheet system for dynamic air mattresses, we recommend our specially designed satin fitted sheet to manage air hose access.

If you need more advice on the SIBA Satin Sheet System, please get in touch with our Technical Team. We will be delighted to help. You can also download our guide to SIBA sheets here.

Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive cotton acts as a safety break and prevents sliding down the bed when the patient is either flat or profiled
  • Satin panel enables easy turning and re-positioning and reduces the risk of tissue damage, nerve damage and pressure sores
  • Unique weave of satin and cotton developed by Hospital Direct
  • After-support available
  • Pressure mapped for your peace of mind
  • Suitable for all mattress types
  • Hospital Direct’s online patient handling training available – minimum training required
  • Fitted base sheets tuck under mattresses
  • Elasticated corner straps
  • Fully elasticated
  • 3/4 length satin or midi sheet – allows users with lower-body strength to grip the cotton at the bottom of the sheet to push back
  • Can remain under the patient at all times
  • Great for those who need multi-positioning in bed – up/down and turning
  • The combination of two satin panels working with each other enables quiet movements to avoid disruption for others
  • Sizes available for all beds
  • Cotton and polyester mix maximises comfort
  • Washable at 90°C to reduce the risk of infection and uphold cleanliness
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • FIM Independence Level: 6–1

Used by:

  • Single or multiple carers who help patients turn in bed
  • Independent users

Used with

  • A Satin In-Bed Turner 4-Way Draw Sheet. This sheet also features a central satin panel, which you can place on top of the base sheet. The two satin panels work together to enable easy and safe positioning.
  • A Positioning Wedge. Carers can insert the wedge underneath the satin sheet system to help keep a patient rolled over, reduce pressure sores and improve blood circulation.

FIM Independence Level

  • 6–1


  • Hospitals
  • Community nursing
  • Hospices
  • Home care
  • Nursing homes/care homes

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SIBA Satin 2-Way Base Sheet
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Delivery Information

Next Day Dispatch: £4.25

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